Monday, January 01, 2007

BBC unlocked?

Unlocking domain blocked websites

I wanted to access some great content on the BBC's UK website. The problem? I live in the US and they blocked to all but systems in the UK. The solution: A free transparent proxy from some kind soul in the UK.

These are screenshots showing that I did indeed access the site I wanted.

Sarah Jane Smith's Telescope

Sarah Jane Smith's Site

How to setup a proxy ...
  1. Add the Foxy Proxy extension to Firefox.
  2. Search for a proxy in the country/domain you wish to access.
  3. Enter that information into the FoxyProxy settings.
  4. Setup a filter with FoxyProxy to work with any URL relating to your desired domain.
  5. Try opening the blocked site...
  6. Enjoy.

Linux Supported on BBC site

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